John Carter (ex-Fields Of The Nephilim) intègre NFD

28 Fév 14 John Carter (ex-Fields Of The Nephilim) intègre NFD

Au jeu des chaises musicales, NFD et Fields Of The Nephilim viennent d’en faire une bonne. Après le retour au bercail, il y a quelques mois, du bassiste historique de FOTN Tony Pettitt, lui-même ex-NFD, voilà que NFD annonce officiellement l’intégration de l’ex-FOTN / Nefilim John Carter. Pour mémoire, ce dernier avait aidé instrumentalement Carl McCoy à coucher le dernier album studio de Nephilim en date, Mourning Sun (2005), et apparaissait sur les traces vidéo et audio du live Ceromonies. Pour l’heure, il semble que le rôle de Carter se cantonne à un soutien du groupe de Peter « Bob » White pour ses prestations live, ce qui sera le cas pour le show berlinois de NFD du 22 mars prochain.

Communiqués officiels :

« Myself, Chris, and John met up recently. We had a very amiable meeting and decided to have a brief run thru a few tracks and test the waters! We couldn’t have been happier with the way things turned out. John’s style fits seamlessly into the NFD sound while still bringing his own energy and soul into the mix. We have been working hard towards our Headlining show in Berlin on March 22nd and fully intend to give the performance of our life. We will be playing a mix of old material, tracks from the recently released ‘Reformations’ mini album as well as tracks from the forthcoming album ‘Waking the dead’!! We are constantly looking to the future and we are extremely pleased to have John onboard for the next chapter in the story. So let it end… So let it begin… » (Peter Bob White – NFD)

« Having heard The Unknown I was actually convinced! I’d just heard & felt a composition of great weight & depth and that I wanted to be able to share in that experience in the live format. » (John Carter)

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