The Deep Eynde stoppe l’aventure

23 Août 12 The Deep Eynde stoppe l’aventure

C’est une bien triste nouvelle qui vient assombrir le ciel musical : l’excellent groupe américain The Deep Eynde a subitement décidé de tout arrêter. Alors que le groupe prévoyait d’enregistrer pas moins de quatre albums en quatre ans, c’est finalement New Illusion prévu pour cette automne qui clôturera l’aventure. Le groupe partira ensuite en tournée aux États-Unis, en fin d’année, avant de s’arrêter définitivement.
Diverses motivations ont poussé les membres du groupe a prendre cette décision et notamment un conflit avec le label Fiendforce, qui refuse de les payer.

Voici une partie du message posté sur leur site :
« This decision was not easy, but we feel after our next album, our story will be told. We have always believed that our fight to express our art through music should remain steadfast, regardless of what conflicts are presented. We have always hoped that our art would inspire the truth of individuality and shatter the barriers of racism, bigotry and homophobia, because in the end we all bleed the same color blood.
We hope that most might understand our position as artists who have sacrificed so much to continue. A recent circumstance involving Thorsten Wilms at Fiendforce records and his refusal to pay us for our latest album Spell*bound is indeed the tell tale sign that artists, no matter how old, or experienced, are still vulnerable to those whose goal is not to deliver art, but to rob artists of what money they can make for their own benefit.
It is without explanation most artists struggle with money… but continue because they believe it is what in their heart. It is our goal as artists to express ourselves to you, to entertain you, to make you laugh, to make you cry….to affect you with the hopes you can understand our ideology, no matter how complex or simple it is.
Show your support of local musicians by purchasing their music rather than file-sharing it. You all know of a local band who needs the support you can give, because you will be surprised what they can do with it.
 The existence of your artists is up to you, because without your support, we cease to exist. « 

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