Shadowplay Fest 2012 annulé

24 Mai 12 Shadowplay Fest 2012 annulé

Le Shadowplay Fest, dont la programmation ne déméritait pourtant pas en termes de pointures dark, indus, electro, synth-pop et goth-rock (Gary Numan, Dreadful Shadows, Laibach, VNV Nation, Kirlian Camera, Merciful Nuns, Qntal, Red Lorry Yelow Lorry, Nosferatu, Inkubus Sukkubus, De/Vision, Sonar, In Slaughter Natives, Roger Rotor…) annonce qu’il n’aura finalement pas lieu comme prévu au mois de juillet prochain. En cause : un trop faible niveau de précommandes.
De quoi s’inquiéter un brin.

Communiqué officiel :

This is a hard decision but the only right one!
Our organization must meet the contractual obligations to artists, exhibitors and suppliers but due to the disappointing presale this is not possible. In these times, our organization cannot afford to lose sight and live only on ‘hope’ and ‘idealism’. We really want to thank the people who already have purchased a ticket and thank them for their trust and we apologize for this whatsoever. Through this way, we want to thank our volunteer staff for their efforts. Sold tickets will be refunded as soon as possible by bank transfer or through the ticket store.
« What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger…. »