Pixies : nouvel EP disponible

06 Jan 14 Pixies : nouvel EP disponible

Les Pixies malgré leur changement de personnel récent (l’arrivée au sein du groupe de la bassiste Paz Lenchantin) continuent à travailler d’arrache pied pour offrir de nouveaux titres.  Un EP sobrement nommé EP-2 a été publié sur le site du groupe et est disponible en édition digitale, l’édition vinyle limitée à 4000 exemplaires ayant été prise d’assaut et est déjà sold-out.  Le groupe a accompagné les titres de quelques notes que nous reprenons ici en intégralité.

Une nouvelle vidéo est également disponible sur leur site.


EP 2 :
« Blue-Eyed Hexe »
About this track, Pixies’ Black Francis explained, « It’s a tale from the northwestern part of the UK, and it’s a witch-woman kind of a song. That’s what a ‘hexe’ is, and ours is a blue-eyed hexe. » Guitarist Joey Santiago added, « Gil wanted a swagger, he wanted the guitar solo to sound like you’re going to have sex with this blue-eyed hexe. »

« Magdalena »
« This song is so atmospheric, » remembered Santiago. « We had these weird Moog pedals that sounded like water. It was a very mood-based, atmospheric sound, not based on any lyrics or anything. » Added drummer David Lovering, « One of my favorites, maybe tied with ‘Indie Cindy.’ It’s cool the way it flows, and it’s a very simplistic song, very pretty, cool and moving. »

« Greens and Blues »
Said Black Francis, « As with all my songs, I would prefer people add their own interpretation to it. But, in this case, let’s just say that we had done ‘Gigantic’ as the closer for many years at our reunion shows and it worked really well. But I could see that we were going to grow weary of that and I felt like we basically needed a better ‘Gigantic.’ It was my attempt to come up with another song that would – musically, emotionally and psychologically – sit in the same place that ‘Gigantic’ has sat. Not that I could ever replace that song: you write songs and they come out the way they come out. So perhaps it can be said that this song fills the emotional niche that ‘Gigantic’ occupied, another show-closer. I think the lyric alludes to that, the fact that it’s the end of the night, the end of something. And a separation if you will, between the band and the audience. So I guess it’s kind of a goodbye song, or really more of a ‘good night’ song.

« Snakes »
« I’m not a jammer, » said Santiago, « but Black Francis and I started jamming it out. I had this little idea and I did that sliding guitar just to emulate a snake. » Black Francis adds, « This one was totally written in the studio session. It proved to be a little bit difficult to play and a little bit difficult to record, sonically, but we stuck with it and I like the result. »

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