Peter Hook : Inside New Order, nouveau testament

07 Août 16 Peter Hook : Inside New Order, nouveau testament

L’ex-bassiste de New Order est un grand nostalgique et ses écritures souvent drôles et pleines de senti, comme en témoignent les deux précédents volumes sur L’Haçienda et Joy Division (avec notamment le fameux Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division de 2013). Certains lui reprochent parfois de ressasser le passé, notamment au regard de toutes ses tournées récentesde relecture des albums de ses propres groupes phares, mais… tout le monde sera certainement heureux de conserver, in fine, d’authentiques traces des souvenirs de ce musicien facétieux et certainement plein de caractère. Un nouveau volume d’écritures (et d’histoire[s], donc) pointe le bout de son nez sous le titre Inside New Order. Un livre dont le fan hardcore devrait se délecter… et qui risque de porter quelques contenus critiques sur la version actuelle de New Order, à en croire certaines suggestions du press sheet officiel, livré tel quel ci-dessous. Les tensions internes, en effet, ne devraient pas passer à l’as au fil du récit.

Having detailed the rise and fall of ‘Madchester’ in The Haçienda and Joy Division’s short career in Unknown Pleasures, legendary bassist Peter Hook tells the third, arguably the most important and certainly the most controversial part of his story: the New Order years.
Following on from Joy Division’s two seminal albums and the death of lead singer Ian Curtis on the eve of the band’s first US Tour, Hooky and band members moved on swiftly to become New Order. « We didn’t really think about it afterwards, it just sort of happened. One day we were Joy Division and the next time we got together, we were a new band. » Peter Hook.
The band’s distinctive sound – a fusion of post-punk and ground-breaking electronica – paved the way for the dance music revolution and earned them the reputation as one of the most influential bands of their generation. Throughout the Eighties, New Order scaled the heights of success, gaining international acclaim and touring the globe.
From working with Arthur Baker in New York to selling out the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, « Bizarre Love Triangle » became a huge hit in Australia, « Blue Monday » became the biggest selling 12-inch of all time whilst New Order’s Substance shipped many millions of copies to become the group’s most successful album.

Despite their success, the band has always been a collision of the visionary and the volatile and often fraught with tensions. Hooky chronicles how these relationships fell apart, detailing the splits, further splits and the ultimate demise of the band in 2006.
In Substance, Peter Hook has written a no-holds-barred, comprehensive account of the band’s entire history, packed with outrageous anecdotes, written in the avuncular, detailed and insightful manner of his first two books. Including every New Order set list and tour itinerary, it is also interspersed with « geek facts » of every piece of electronic equipment used to forge the sound that changed the direction of popular music.
Published in hardback by Simon & Schuster UK, you can pre-order for £16 at Amazon (UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries only – US, Canada and other territories announces will follow shortly).


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