Musicfolio ferme ses portes

08 Jan 13 Musicfolio ferme ses portes

Hommage est dû aujourd’hui à ce site d’information sélectif, qui a décidé de cesser d’exister en février 2013. Salutations et merci d’avoir tant soutenu toutes les scènes qui nous sont chères.

Copie du communiqué officiel :

MUSICFOLIO: Notice to all readers – In early February 2013 is retiring. We would like to thank all our dedicated site visitors, the music labels, the bands and promoters, the reviewers, night clubs, and DJs we worked with. Your continued support over the past 13 years allowed Musicfolio to grow over the years and provide you all with the music news, info, charts, reviews and ratings. But with the growth of sites like Wikipedia, and increased efficiency of search engines like Google, access to information (news and reviews) on the net is now readily available at our finger tips. The need for an amalgamate review site has become obsolete. Hence our decision to stop updating the site and retire it next month. We would like to recommend the following sites for those of you who like to keep following news of new releases/tours:,,,,, Please keep supporting your favorite artists by buying CDs/DVDs or mp3s, and going to concerts, to keep the underground scene alive. It’s been a fun ride! — DJ Avalanche,

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