Lamb : nouvel album studio 5, le 5 mai

03 Mai 11 Lamb : nouvel album studio 5, le 5 mai

Alors qu’est sorti il y a peu le Live At Koko de la formation electro / pop / trip hop revenue fort heureusement à la vie, voici que se profile très dangereusement la sortie du nouvel album studio 5, en plan depuis l’été 2010.
Ci-dessous et pour rappel figure la copie du communiqué officiel publié par le groupe sur son site officiel :

It’s been over 6 years since our official split in 2004. Back then it felt like we might never make another Lamb record. There were many reasons for this; primarily we both wanted to go away and pursue divergent solo projects.
A big part of our need for escape though was the experience of making music signed to a major label that tried to direct and package music that was never meant to be anything but creatively free. Lamb was always about innovation and pushing boundaries without constraint.
Somewhere along the way our path had become a little too straight.
In late Summer 2010 Andy and I were talking on the phone; just catching up and chewing the fat. He was just preparing to release his debut LOWB album and i’d just completed a tour of Europe promoting my 3rd solo album. Andy was saying how he missed so much of what Lamb had been about and that he felt the time was right to make another Lamb album. When he said to me: “Lou, give me one good reason why we shouldn’t make another album” I really couldn’t think of one. He was right, the time did feel right.
So after all this time we’ve been back in the studio and have written, recorded and mixed our new album
5. There’s something fresh and new about the album. It hasn’t been this way since we wrote and recorded the eponymous first album when we felt utterly unconcerned with what anyone felt about what we were doing. It was about the music and the journey it took us on. We always said we wouldn’t make another Lamb album until we had something new to say. That time has definitely come.

5 will be released on May 5. If you pre-ordered the special limited-edition version it will arrive on, or before, May 05. The standard edition will be on sale soon, please check the blog for regular updates. May the fifth be with you!
If you’re already on our mailing list, thank you. If you’re not on the list, sign up now and we’ll send you an early version of a new song from the album called « Strong The Root ».

We’re also pleased to announce the release of our first official live album. LAMB – Live at KOKO is released on April 11, 2011. It’s available from all digital download platforms or you can order the CD directly from this site.

Un documentaire sur la fabrication de l’album figure enfin ici.

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