How To Destroy Angels (T. Reznor + M. Maandig) signe chez Columbia

22 Sep 12 How To Destroy Angels (T. Reznor + M. Maandig) signe chez Columbia

How To Destroy Angels, projet unissant les époux Mariqueen Maandig (ex-West Indian Girl) et Trent Reznor (N.I.N.), Atticus Ross et le designer de N.I.N. Rob Sheridan, vient de signer un deal chez Columbia Records pour la sortie d’un nouvel EP et de son premier album. Tiens, Trent aime à nouveau les labels. Le second EP du combo, An Omen, sortira le 13 novembre et comprendra six titres, dont certains seront aussi au menu de l’album. La sortie de ce dernier se produira en 2013.

Communiqué de T. Reznor sur Facebook :
Regarding our decision to sign with Columbia, we’ve really spent a long time thinking about things and it makes sense for a lot of reasons, including a chance to work with our old friend Mark Williams. There’s a much more granular and rambling answer I could give (and likely will in an interview someplace), but it really comes down to us experimenting and trying new things to see what best serves our needs. Complete independent releasing has its great points but also comes with shortcomings.

How To Destroy Angels – An Omen EP :: tracklisting (sous réserve) :
01. Keep it Together / 02. Ice Age / 03. On the Wing / 04. The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters / 05. The Loop closes / 06. Speaking in Tongues

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