CONCOURS : 65daysofstatic aux Trinitaires de Metz

14 Oct 13 CONCOURS : 65daysofstatic aux Trinitaires de Metz

À l’occasion de la venue des Anglais de 65daysofstatic à la Chapelle des Trinitaires de Metz le jeudi 17 octobre (début de la soirée : 20h),, en partenariat avec l’association Young Team et Les Trinitaires, vous font gagner deux lots de deux places pour cet événement post-rock unique dans l’Est. Pour participer, une seule question : « Quel album de 65daysofstatic sorti en 2011 est inspiré d’un film de science-fiction datant de 1972 ? » Vos réponses sont à envoyer à  l’adresse avant le 16 octobre, 11h00. les chanceux seront informés par retour d’e-mail avant le mercredi 16 octobre, 20h00.

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  1. Bonjour,

    La réponse est silent running.

    Bonne réception et merci d’avoir mis en place ce concours.


  2. Excuse me, Hello !!!! , I hope you are well! Thank you very much for all the information and shared music to metal music. I am writing to see if there is a chance to share our music on your site. We are a Eternus, symphonic metal band forged in valparaiso, Chile. We’ve been playing a year and this is our first album work « Labyrinth of Reason », that can be download free in our page. Our main objective is to give a new and creative essence with baritone vocalist and musicians with innovative ideas in this genre, like a classical male vocalist baritone. With a variety of rhythms and speeds we want people to enjoy our music. We also want to share the feelings with which every song is written. We really hope that people can enjoy and feel our music.

    Press Release:

    New Symphonic Metal Band, Eternus, with their debut álbum “Labyrinth of Reason”

    Eternus , a new symphonic metal band from Chile, founded in 2013 , has released its debut album « Labyrinth of Reason » ( 01/02/2014 ) for all the lovers of this music, hoping that will please everyone. Do you like bands like Nightwish, Sabaton , Epica , Therion, Wintersun ? So almost certainly Eternus will like you ! . The style of the band is symphonic metal mixed with others, such as power and black metal. One of the highlights is the voice of the vocalist, which takes its classical baritone register, which is very unusual in the metal scene and adds a touch of originality. All this combined with keyboards and guitars solos, symphonies, catchy melodies, very technical bass and battery, resulting in  » Labyrinth of Reason » album, which was recorded independently and with hard work of the members of the band. Within this, the track 3 « Nemesis of the Gods  » has become the best hit, reaching over 2000 views on youtube, also as being touched by the Futuro’s radio, the most important of the country in the rock music.

    The band was based on the symphonic metal bands, creating a mix between classical music and metal, which has already been seen in bands like Nightwish, Epica and Therion, but never with a male voice with classical baritone register. The songs differ much one from another, due to the mix of styles presented .

    Since the release , the band found spreading in all social networks because they need much help to propel to the metal music market. Cooperation is important in spreading our music and we hope that will please all this new sound. We continue working to achieve reach beyond borders, because in our country is Little the support for metal bands .

    For more information or to contact the band:

    Facebook Page : (DOWNLOAD OUR ALBUM FREE in this page, we got a MEDIAFIRE and MEGA LINKS)

    Cannel Youtube :


    Sample song: “Nemesis of the Gods”


    1. Echoes from the storm
    2. Forever
    3. Nemesis of the gods
    4. In the lap of death
    5. Rebirth
    6. Dream Catcher
    7. Prison of mortality
    8. Ashes from the past
    9. Internal Force
    10. Baroque Hera
    11. Ancestral Journey
    12. Chalice of Blood
    13. Light of Tomorrow
    14. Frozen Time
    15. Final Eclipse

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